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The Cherry Orchard

May 13, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 10:20 pm

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by A.P. Chekhov
Translation: Mașa Dinescu
Director: David Doiashvili

Sets: Tamara Kvesitadze,Gabi Albu

Coordinator Assistant: David Murman Kartozia

Assistant Director: Laura Grosu

Choreography: Florin Fieroiu

Original Music: Nikoloz Rachveli Memanishvili

Technical Director: Costi Lupșa

Premiere: 11.11.2017 Duration: 3 h 30 min / Pause: Yes

Show not recommended for spectators under 16 – contains nudity! Due to the stroboscopic and light effects, the show is not recommended for spectators with photosensitivity and those suffering from epilepsy!


„Ball during the plague” – Doiashvili, about the „Orchard…”

„The Cherry Orchard” is, above all, a family chronicle, whose humour is breaking your heart. The last play of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov premiered at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1904, only a few months before the author’s death and was written in order to celebrate life. „It is, certainly, a sad, bourgeois life, but under no circumstances a burdensome, complaining life”, states the Russian playwright about the universe of his characters.

Symbol of a world in decay and of a radical social transformation leaving the unprepared behind, the cherry orchard must be auctioned in order to pay the debts of a family of Russian aristocrats. But the brilliant actress Ranevskaia and the old child Gaev are the orphans of a world no longer protecting them, left outside time, so the decisions belong to others. They cannot be the saviours of the lost civilisation, they cannot help but fall back in love with the past and move there, with all the energy they are still capable of. In the worlds of Henri Troyat: „The house, the family’s old residence, charged with memories, receives the master stroke and the owners are dancing over its dead body”.

”A new world forces the gates of their estate, while they are having nostalgias, play pool and talk totally different from the way they act. With this play, Chekhov has innovated dramatic art, proposing the technique of „indirect plot” – the major events unfold outside the stage, and we are the witnesses of the characters’ reactions to what is happening. And the eclectic Georgian director David Doiashvili has even captured this convention of „witnesses in action” – from the way the seat rows are arranged on the stage of the Grand Hall, up to the plastic composition of space and the architecture of lights, everything is built for the spectators to look through one window corner and the souls of these people, more or less prepared to catch up with time.

Doiashvili’s „Cherry Orchard” is a spectacular baroque construction, an expansive cocktail of humour, passion, music, the despair to live and not knowing how, the need to change and not knowing what, in search of a new dramatic truth, of poetic cruelty.

Each moment has a specific rhythmic structure, the sound highlights sometimes communicate more than the dialogues, the space has a dynamic, energy, conveys emotion beyond the statements of the characters, because everything they say is actually a double discourse – the surface of the words conceals failures, dissatisfaction and loves which shall never be uttered. Only the image of the possible truths remains.

An enactment with contemporary resonance, in a world where everything is mortgaged, bought and sold, where we are faced with an essential choice: to be or to… speak?

The show has a frenzied rhythm, proposing an impressive choreography of disaster of restless lives, but also a dramaturgy of empathy towards the helpless of this world.

David Doiashivili is at the second collaboration with NTB, the first enacted show being „King Lear”, in 2016.



Liubov Andreevna Ranevskaia: Irina Movilă / Monica Davidescu

Ania: Crina Semciuc
Varia: Raluca Aprodu

Leonid Andreevici

Gaev: Gavril Pătru
Ermolai Alekseevici Lopahin: Ioan Andrei Ionescu

Piotr Sergheevici Trofimov: Rareș Andrici
Boris Borisov Simeonov – Piscik: Vitalie Bichir

Charlotta Ivanovna: Istvan Teglas
Semion Panteleevici Epihodov: Idris Clate

Dunyasha: Ana Covalciuc
Firs: Mihai Constantin

Iasa: Silviu Mircescu


May 13, 2018
7:00 pm - 10:20 pm


021 3147171


TNB, Sala Mare
str. Nicolae Bălcescu, nr. 2
Bucharest, 010051 Romania
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021 3147171